Do your staff understand the use of reasonable force and the law? 

I Worked as a bouncer for 15 years and as security & surveillance officer for one of the largest casino groups in the world, When you work for a casino customer service is a major priority, any physical action must not be taken lightly, if your staff use more than what is deemed reasonable force, the costs to you and your establishment can be very high. When there is no other way to deal with a situation other than physically, keeping staff and customers safe is of the highest importance.

During my time working for high end gaming establishments, educating door staff on conflict resolution and customer service was a priority. Such was the standard of service I instilled into doormen, my door staff even got tipped by customers for removing them from the premises so nicely.

Would you like to know more about the use of reasonable force and the law in the workplace?
Fully insured and CRB/DBS checked